A casual style or a fine dining, a bistro or a pub, a fast casual and a tapas restaurant. A local or an exotic restaurant. Everything about enjoying a family, a friends or a business meal.



Relaxing classical music compilaton.


Music for lovers and to inspire love. Ballads and romantic songs.

Café Paris

French music, chanson, nouvelle chanson and jazz.

Café Português

Musical journey through Portugal and his former colonials.

Caffè Italia

Italian music compilation. Ideal for Italian restaurants and terraces.

Delicate Soul

Selection of current R'n'B, slow music but with the whole pace! Ideal for restaurants and bars.

Gourmet Music

Mix of different music styles for a quiet buying.

Intimate Soul

A sensual music trip trough the better RnB from 60's, 70's and 80's.

Jazz for a dinner

Jazz to enjoy a nice dinner: Louis Armstrong, Harry Connick Jr, Miles Davis...

Mediterranean Scent

Musical trip trough the mediterranean. Music from Spain, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, etc. Ideal for restaurants of mediterranean cuisine and terraces.

Music for summer

Fresh summary of songs to enjoy of the days and the summer nights.

Pop At The Evening

A pop music compilation ideal for a dinner time.

Soul & Lounge

Today´s music to enjoy a calm meeting: Slowtempo Soul & Lounge

Time to Relax

Relaxing selection of classic music and New Age music. Ideal for waiting rooms and beauty salons.


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