A dentist, a doctor’s office, a therapies centre and a veterinary clinic. Everything about health services for people or pets.



Relaxing classical music compilaton.


Musical selection done with different types of music to achieve a condition of easing in the person that està in a waiting room.

Chill Out

Chill Out music selection: electronic, acoustic and lounge music that looks for harmony, the exaltation of the senses and a sublime way of feeling the music.


A selection of music of all time that will help keep pace...

Gourmet Music

Mix of different music styles for a quiet buying.

Pop At The Evening

A pop music compilation ideal for a dinner time.


New Age music.

Time to Relax

Relaxing selection of classic music and New Age music. Ideal for waiting rooms and beauty salons.


A musical trip through the 40, 50's & 60'


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